Dr. Emina Ramic (BA), Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert (DE), Dr. Simone Wünschmann (DE), Dr. Sabina Zero (BA)




We are pleased to announce that BioMAP10

is in the planning stage.


After BioMAP9 took place in Naples, Italy

we are applying with the desire to have



at the University of Sarajevo in




We keep you informed!




BioMAP - Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution - is an international scientific organization that provides an opportunity for an inter-change of ideas among researchers, policy-makers and practi-tioners in environmental sciences. Attention will be focused on qualitative and quantitative aspects on bio-monitoring of atmospheric pollutants with biological species.


Topics of the workshops are mainly focused on the quality and quantity of organic and inorganic pollutants that can cause effects to the environmental compartments as water, air, soil and at last to human health.


The urgent need for monitoring the atmospheric deposition of pollutants and to identify its emission sources is still a major challenge for environmental scientists.


So, please have a look on our webpages and get an impression what Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution is about and on which subjects we are working further on. You are interested? Maybe one day you will become a participant of BioMAP...  more



Scientific Board


Prof. Dr. Bert Wolterbeek from the Technical University Delft of The Netherlands has been voted as chairman of BioMAP in 2015. He has already guided the workshops of BioMAP since 1997 when the first BioMAP workshop started in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2022 he became emeritus, so he stepped down as chair of BioMAP, but continues to support BioMAP with all his expertise.


After Dr. Simone Wünschmann from the EISN-Institute in Germany was voted as new Secretary General in 2015 she is chairman now since 2022.


She also joined the BioMAP workshops from the beginning in 1997 as well as two other board members: Prof. Dr. Carmo Freitas from Portugal and Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert from Germany.


Altogether eight scientific colleagues are joining the board of BioMAP more





The series of BioMAP workshops was initiated in 1997, emerged as an effective 3-annual platform for (academic) exchange, and was now held for the third time in Portugal besides Argentina, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, Russia and Greece. The workshop brings together scientists from all over the world to share answers and ideas and discuss the challenges that should be faced within the realm of atmospheric pollution.


There is an ever growing need for infor-mation within the context of possible health hazards due to environmental pollution. This information is necessary to improve air quality management...  more


Welcome to BioMAP!

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