For sure, BioMAP aims to publish contents that were given at the workshops. Peer reviewed articles will be published soon in the high ranking journal of Springer ESPR (Environmental Science and Pollution Research) - a special edition of the Editorial team Marta Almeida, Bert Wolterbeek, Bernd Markert & Stefano Loppi. Further information you will find here.


In Books of Abstracts we have summarized the published editions of all workshops that were organized in Argentina, Turkey, Slovenia, Greece and 3 times in Portugal.


In addition to the contents that were given on the workshops of BioMAP we will show that the interest related to the field of Bioinication & Biomonitoring is very popular especially as well to students:

A proper command of multiple languages

belongs to the key factors for being successful.


Therefore Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert have developed a project of multilingual education of students on a global scale and perspective which has been started about six years ago: the original paper on Biomonitoring & Bioindication is written in the English language and several colleagues have traslated it into their language including a case study of their own work. This paper has to be published in a national scientific journal.



Multilingual papers on biomonitoring & bioindication (Markert et al. 2014) a) Chinese, b) Persian, c) Lithuanian, d) Polish language


The languages included are for example Arabic, Chinese, French, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish (for sure, more languages are in the concrete planning stage in the moment, as for instance Italien, Indian, Turkey and Portuguese).


So please have a look to the detailed article about Bioindication & Biomonitoring multilingual...


Dr. Emina Rmic (BA), Dr. Simone Wünschmann (DE), Dr. Sabina Zero (BA)

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